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Android Is Still Failing Where Apple’s iOS Is Winning

Google is not in charge of the particular problem of out-of-date Android installs, the device producers are, but that does not forestall it being a blight at the OS. Numbers launched through Statista show that 25% of Android devices presently in use are strolling a massively previous version of the OS from late 2014.

As you could see inside the image, iOS has handiest 7% of users on pre-2016 variations of the operating gadget. Google has 17% which are older than 2014, that is an honestly massive range of very out-of-date telephones and pills.

The largest percent of gadgets (29%) are on Nougat, which becomes released in August 2016 and Marshmallow (28%) which turned into launched in October 2015. That’s fifty-seven % of all Android gadgets which might be jogging an OS that is over a year vintage. Only 1% of Android customers are on Oreo, Google’s ultra-modern release, even as 65% of Apple’s users are on its modern-day version, iOS eleven. These two variations in their respective working systems were released within a month of every different in summer time 2017.

For many users, the Android revel in isn’t always as up-to-date as Apple’s iOS. Users should purchase the ultra-modern Android smartphone now and they’ll see one predominant OS update and not anything else. Companies like Samsung, Sony and LG do always push safety updates – that is brilliant – however your contemporary Samsung Galaxy S9 can also best get an update to Android P (due this yr) and by no means see Android Q. Apple customers may be quite positive that they may get at the least years of updates, even though the corporation never states how long it intends to assist devices.Image result for Android Is Still Failing Where Apple's iOS Is Winning

And bear in thoughts, iOS 11 is supported on gadgets like the iPad Air and the iPhone 5S, both from 2013 that’s essentially a five-year run, which is not horrific. So at the same time as Apple isn’t best – the restrictions on 0.33-party displays springs to mind – users do get an up to date cell phone for a first-rate amount of time.

Many human beings would possibly argue that Apple has a miles smaller range of gadgets to manipulate. That’s true, of the route, but that does not without a doubt excuse the slowness of many Android device producers at helping their own gadgets. Samsung, Sony, LG, and others simplest have a small number of handsets they release each year, so is it virtually that hard to help them with Android updates?


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I suspect the truth is that with a year-long upgrade cycles mean the Android smartphone manufacturers do not see the want to make investments cash inside the software program improve cycle. And what’s greater, many might (wrongly) suppose it’s going to sluggish down new tool sales. I can see how they might think that, however Apple type of shows that there’s a thirst for brand new devices that isn’t always tied to OS updates.

Of direction, you may argue that there’s some suitable information for Android here. Older gadgets live in use for an actual long term. That’s proper, and of course, the OS being up-to-date isn’t the simplest trouble when it comes to security. However, this problem, in popular, makes it harder for developers and could almost without a doubt have a few inherent protection troubles.

Developers, as an instance, will want to hold pushing updates – specifically for safety problems – too many exceptional variations. This is probably a time-consuming and expensive procedure. And of course, iOS does have a number of that, with at least three one of a kind fundamental releases being supported.

This trouble has existed pretty a great deal since the begin of Android, will it ever get better?

Source: StatistaImage result for Android Is Still Failing Where Apple's iOS Is Winning

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