A Reddit Post About A Husband Learning About The Pink Tax Is Amusing The Women Of The Internet


It started whilst Redditor u/KnitAFett went to the shop and her husband to get a few new shoelaces for him. It ended with the husband’s response to studying approximately the red tax — and he’s still mad approximately it now. And, I imply, heck: Aren’t we all? It’s been huge trouble for years — and as this tale demonstrates, it has now officially reached a degree of Absolute Absurdity. Acknowledged the tale of the fateful purchasing trip. They stopped using the men’s phase first and did find a couple of pairs; however, the husband then decided he wanted to test the ladies’ phase to see if they had a better variety.

Guess what befell next?

You probably already understand, proper?

Yep: “The SAME EXACT shoelaces had been inside the women’s shoe segment. For over $1 extra,” wrote u/KnitAFett. And we’re no longer speak just one range; they checked three, and they all were extra luxurious within the women’s segment than in the men’s. There becomes no variation between the certain shoelaces themselves, either they have been equal, “literally the identical object numbers at the front of the package deal and all,” said u/KnitAFett. They took pics with the aid of the way. Click the Imgur link within the embedded post below to peer them. (But don’t forget to brace yourself for an onslaught of fiercely burning rage first because something like this is in all likelihood to overhaul you when you see the pix.)

Yep. The “men’s” laces have been $1.59, while the “women’s” had been $2.Seventy-nine. That’s a distinction of $1.20, a markup of approximately 80 percent — simply due to the fact the laces were filed below exclusive sections in the shop. And although u/KnitAFett had “constantly lamented to him about girls being charged extra for the same products,” the husband “eventually was given to peer simply how horrific it could be, and he’s nonetheless fuming.”

Husband Learning Amusing Women

Me too, u/KnitAFett’s husband. Me too.


The phenomenon of the “crimson tax,” as it’s recognized — the tendency for services and products aimed toward ladies and femmes to be advertised at a better charge factor than gender-neutral products and services or those coded as masculine — has been well documented, especially in current years. For instance, in 2015, the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs published a observe known as “From Cradle To Cane:

The Cost Of Being A Female Consumer” which analyzed greater than 800 pieces of merchandise from over ninety brands sold at stores in New York City; consistent with the results, “girls” merchandise value on average seven percent more than “guys,” with garb for adults costing eight percentage greater and private care merchandise costing thirteen percent extra. Meanwhile, a 2016 file from the Joint Economic Committee of the US Congress pointed to the diffusion of other studies that determined similar consequences, such as 2011 take a look at that discovered “ladies” deodorant expenses greater in keeping with ounce than “men’s,” and that a “girls’” haircut normally prices fifty-four percent extra than a “guys’” haircut.


According to a Senate floor evaluation of bill AB 1100 in California, the crimson tax charges ladies and femmes $1,351 more according to yr — a discern which surely provides up over a lifetime. And while you integrate the purple tax with the salary cap? The image that emerges is decidedly no longer OK: Women and femmes are paid much less for the identical paintings, however, charged extra for similar merchandise — and will spend their entire lives fighting this inequality.

That’s outrageous sufficient in and of itself — however, u/KnitAFett’s revel intakes all of it to an entirely new degree. The products were actually equal. They weren’t in exceptional packaging; they weren’t specific colorings; they weren’t for specific shoe sizes; they had been identical products. And yet, one became marked up a whopping eighty percentage, definitely because it became positioned in an exclusive segment of the store.



I won’t lie: I’m a touch irritated that the husband has been hearing u/KnitAFett tell him about the realities of the crimson tax for ages, and it’s most effective when he had direct enjoyed with it himself that he sooner or later realized what trouble its miles. This is a common element in our subculture, and it bothers me that we have not managed to transport past it. But at the least, he is aware of there’s a hassle now — and he’s mad about it. So, I say this: Good. Stay mad. Help us take away the crimson tax once and for all, due to the fact it’s miles simply not OK. Help fight the tampon tax, too, even as you’re at it. And assist in combating the numerous, many pay gaps that exist. All these issues and so many more are tied up with each different; wealth inequality is a large and pervasive hassle. It’s going to take anyone even simply to reduce the gap, let alone give up it — so let’s get to work.

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