7 Ways Paul Ryan Made Life Harder For Women While In Congress


House Speaker Paul Ryan introduced on Wednesday that he might not search for re-election this 12 months, efficaciously finishing his 20-yr run of pushing a law that in the end harms women. In his two many years representing Wisconsin in Congress, Ryan has stuck via his conservative timetable; he’s remained loyal to President Trump seeing that Inauguration Day, too. In doing so, Paul Ryan made life tougher for ladies in America — specifically in relation to their health and budget.

In his declaration on Wednesday, Ryan said he’s retiring to spend greater time with his youngsters. “The fact is, it is straightforward for it to take over the entirety to your existence and you may simply allow that manifest because there are different matters in existence that may be fleeting as properly: Namely a while as a husband and a father,” he informed journalists. Unfortunately, maximum ladies nowadays cannot manage to pay for to retire at 48 to spend more time with family.

His departure creates more uncertainty for Republicans ahead of the November midterms, however, is ideal information for Ryan’s Democratic challengers, Randy Bryce and Cathy Myers. It turned into also applauded by using girls’ groups, consisting of the Democratic seasoned-preference political movement committee Emily’s List. “So long and good riddance. Paul Ryan’s legacy could be described with the aid of his viciously anti-lady budgets and his efforts to dismantle get admission to ladies’s health care,” EMILY’s List tweeted. Ryan’s rules efficiently made it more difficult for ladies to make their very own health care selections and grow to be financially stable.Image result for 7 Ways Paul Ryan Made Life Harder For Women While In Congress

He Tried To Limit Abortion Access At Every Turn


This is the first high-quality aspect for ladies Paul Ryan has executed in his 19 years in the workplace. Https://twitter.Com/thehill/fame/984055247470518272 …

6: fifty-one PM – Apr 11, 2018
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In 2017, Ryan declared: “We are a pro-existence Congress.” He has spent years trying to defund Planned Parenthood as it presents abortion services. Most lately, this plan surfaced in Congress’ failed try and repeal and update Obamacare. The law would have stored federal budget from the sexual health company for three hundred and sixty-five days.

Although Ryan wasn’t a hit on that the front, he did assist bypass federal legal guidelines outlawing intact dilation and extraction abortion techniques. He changed into also successful in upholding the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits federal funds from buying abortions. He also perpetuated the parable that fetuses feel pain by way of assisting a couple of failed bills that would have absolutely banned abortions at 20 weeks, requiring docs to inform sufferers that a fetus could sense ache at that factor.

His Beloved Tax Reform Will Cost Families

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Ryan will retire after attaining his lengthy-time period aim of reforming the U.S. Tax code. Although he known as it “seasoned-own family” legislation that might benefit the middle magnificence, his tax reform eliminated the non-public exemption — a trade so one can negatively affect families with two or greater children. The child tax credit score become elevated to make up for the smaller deduction, however, it is now not sufficient to preserve families’ taxes from increasing.

His Tax Bill Also Could Make Women’s Insurance Unaffordable

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The identical tax invoice eliminated a preceding Obamacare requirement that every one Americans have medical insurance. Experts are expecting this alteration will motive medical insurance rates to rise as wholesome Americans cancel their coverage plans. Two-thirds of women obtained free birth manipulate beneath Obamacare in 2014, a fifteen percent increase from 2012. With greater women opting out of insurance, and the subsequent charge will increase pricing different women out, the wide variety of ladies with access to unfastened delivery control will in all likelihood drop.


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He Fought Equal Pay Measures

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The House speaker voted towards the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 that in the end extended the statute of obstacles for identical pay complaints.

He has opposed the Paycheck Fairness Act, too. Democrats say that they now have bipartisan help for the degree-seeking to better put into effect same pay, but they declare Ryan might not carry it to the House ground for a vote.

His Plan To Fix The Economy Was For Women To Have More Babies

Cecile Richards

If greater contributors of Congress could get pregnant, perhaps they wouldn’t inform the relaxation of us whilst and why to get pregnant. Https://thinkprogress.Org/paul-ryan-says-american-girls-want-to-have-more-infants-dc45cb1afec2/ …

10:36 PM – Dec 15, 2017

Paul Ryan says American girls want to have greater babies
“I did my part, but we need to have better delivery fees for this use,” said the father of three.

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In December, Ryan asserted that “we need to have higher start charges in this country” so that you can restore the financial system. “So what will we do? Be smarter, more efficient, more technology — nonetheless going to need greater people,” he stated. “And when we’ve tens of thousands and thousands of human beings proper right here on this u. S. Falling brief of their ability — not working, now not searching out an activity, or no longer in school getting a skill to get a job — that’s a trouble.”

Though he without delay contradicted himself with the aid of stating that millions of Americans are currently unemployed, his idea that ladies have to begin procreating at higher costs to repair the economic system gave the impression of a line instantly out of The Handmaid’s Tale. Not to say, it failed to address the truth that many young ladies are disposing of having kids because of high pupil mortgage burdens and millennials’ lack of ability to buy houses.

He Backed A Law That Will Put Sex Workers In Danger
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Ann Wagner

Congress has acted & @SpeakerRyan has despatched my bill, #FOSTA, to @POTUS’ desk. This rule gives federal, state, & nearby prosecutors the equipment they need to take down the websites selling our youngsters with impunity. Tune in tomorrow for the bill signing. #EndHumanTrafficking

3:19 AM – Apr eleven, 2018
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Ryan enthusiastically supported the Allow States and Victims to Fight Sex Trafficking Act (known as the Stop Enabling Sex Trafficking Act inside the Senate), which President Trump signed into regulation on Wednesday. The regulation enhances penalties for websites that facilitate unlawful prostitution or intercourse trafficking, however, intercourse people and advocacy agencies have pointed out that it’s going to make it greater tough for sex employees to make a residing and live safe.

The advocacy institution The Sex Workers Project wrote in a February Facebook submit that the brand new coverage will “turn the damage discount tools like awful date lists, online network assist, and possibilities for screening for violence right into a Federal crime, punishable up to 10 to 25 years.”

He Opposed Paid Family Leave, Despite Wanting More Time With His Own Family

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Most ironic of all, the congressman, who’s retiring to spend greater time at domestic, got here out towards increasing paid own family depart in 2015. “I do not think that sticking up for being someone with stability to your life, for looking to spend your weekends on your property along with your own family … I do not think that means signing up for a few new unfunded mandates,” he informed CNN at the time. The United States is currently the handiest evolved country without regularly occurring paid maternity leave.

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