4 Must-Ask Questions When Hiring a Patio Paver Installer


So, you have completed the construction of your house, and now it is the turn of your backyard, with numerous options on the list to make your backyard stand out from your neighbors; installing a paver patio ranks among the topmost. Installing patio pavers is not just about extending your living space to the outdoors but also about picking up a design that complements your overall landscape.

Patio Paver Installer

However, choosing a professional contractor to implement a patio landscape design can be tricky. A small mistake during its installation can lead to foundation issues and become a recipe for disaster. However, you can find a suitable option with some research and asking the right questions from the contractors. Here is a list of 4 questions that a homeowner must ask a patio installation contractor before handing over the project-

Q1: How long have you been in the same line of business?

The first and foremost thing to look out for while hiring is the contractor’s industry experience and work expertise. A well-established contractor offering services for a long time will likely have better skills than its counterparts regarding patio installation. For years, contractors operating in the market have become a vast pool of knowledge for landscape construction and are better positioned to suggest the right paving options.

Q2: Can I have a list of references that I can contact?

A contractor who caters to its customers’s unique needs and customizations builds a better reputation than the rest. A well-established contractor usually has a huge client base and a list of projects undertaken in the past. So, before you make your final decision, make sure you request at least 3-4 references from the contractor and contact each one to ask if they were satisfied with the work, attitude, and professionalism portrayed by the prospective contractor. Looking at the contractor’s previous work portfolio always serves as a guiding factor to match your requirements.

Q3: What will be the cost and time duration of the project?

A smart homeowner always has a budget limit to spend on building, renovating, repairing, or redesigning the house. Hence, it becomes essential that the contractor you choose is offering you the services within that budget range. You can compare them only when you have the detailed estimates in your hand. So, before moving further, call the contractor and ask for the project’s cost estimation from beginning to end. Many reputable contractors provide free estimates to their customers along the time duration required for its completion.

Q4: Are you licensed and insured?

Lastly, check that your contractor is duly licensed and insured. Holding accreditations and licenses is indicative of the contractor’s knowledge and professionalism. It allows the contractor to carry out construction and renovation operations in the community legally. Additionally, a contractor having its on-site team insured and covered frees you from all liabilities arising from damage to your property or an injury to workers while working.

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