4 Easy Ways Non-Coders Can Add Personality to a WordPress Theme


You acquire it, established it, and watched all of your content material magically reorganize itself in the pages and sidebars of your new website. Your content is served up with new fonts, colors, and beautiful white area. It appears tremendous.

As a matter of reality, it seems just like the instance topic that stimulated you to choose it.exactly adore it.

At this factor, it might dawn on you that your website now appears same to masses of different websites accessible. Oh, certain, it’s appropriate, however, it’s not unique.

You may suppose you’re caught with the fashion you’ve selected and destined to have a domain that’s same to plenty of others on the web.

The best information is that there are four smooth approaches to add character on your top class subject matter web page … and that they don’t contain writing code or messing along with your center subject files.

Making these changes will supply your web page simply the right quantity of visible style so that it sticks out and is remembered.

1. Deliver custom fonts an attempt

There’s not anything like a brand new font to provide your website an instant makeover. And these days you don’t even want to pay more to get custom fonts served up on your internet site.

First, the back tale: until these days, we had been caught using a dozen or so “internet trendy” fonts. All websites used those fonts, and we became collectively tired of seeing them.

Approximately five years in the past, font-serving technology emerge as viable. 1/3-birthday celebration websites “serve up” custom fonts while asked from your internet site. This indicates your website site visitors see custom fonts once they go to your web page, even supposing they don’t have those fonts mounted on their machines.

So it’s smooth to feature custom fonts on your website.

If you are using the Genesis Framework and don’t thoughts copy/pasting a few traces of code, you may use the method outlined right here by using Brian Gardner: the way to Use Google Web Fonts along with your Genesis-Powered internet site.

If you’d as a substitute keep away from ever seeing a line of code, use the properly-seemed WP Google Fonts plugin to feature custom fonts on your website.

2. Use compelling pics

86f68e4d402306ad3cd330d005134dac top rate themes placed the emphasis on your content. They use properly-crafted white area, visual hierarchy, and layout patterns to polish a light to your phrases.

But that’s now not all they’re correct for.

These beautifully designed subject matters additionally function the best systems for thoughtfully selected snapshots that add nuance and that means to the words on your pages.

You can’t use simply any old pictures though. If you actually need to feature personality on your site, you need to select pix strategically. Some hints:

Experiment with the use of conceptual snapshots. Conceptual photographs add shades of which means and create interest without at once representing the topic at hand. It’s the difference between representing love with a photograph of a coronary heart, or an image of a pair strolling into the gap arm in arm.
Recall to position pix to focus on your phrases. Many photos “face” in one path or another. If a person or an item is facing in a particular direction, make sure it’s “looking” closer to your copy, not off the edge of your internet site. (as an instance, notice where David Ogilvy is directing his gaze in the day prior to this’s submit.) If the original photograph direction doesn’t paintings, both flip it the use of picture enhancing software or find a different photograph.
Set up a photography style and use it continually. You can decide that you’d like every your snapshots to apply a grunge impact or to look washed out and antiqued. Observe filters for all your photos to give them this “look” and use them for all your pages and posts.
Our brains manner photos faster than phrases and have more assets available for decoding them, so use photos every time you can.

Make the effort to learn greater with the unfastened 12 Days of visual Buzz direction I created with Kelly Kingman.

3. Snatch interest with an accent shade

One of the great characteristics of a well-designed premium theme is that each one the color selections are made for you. Diffused modifications in color and tone spotlight various regions of your site and draw your site visitors via your records. It’s a beautiful issue.

However, what in case you want to prevent your website online tourist in her tracks?

If you need to seize interest and keep it, you ought to try an accent color.

Accent hues paintings best in the event that they’re dramatically different from the most distinguished hues for your website.

For example, if your website online features cool blues, select a heat orange or red accent color so it stands out. In case your website uses rusty orange, find a vibrant blue accent color to be able to “pop” anyplace you operate it.

Accessory colorations have to be used in small doses.

Function them for your “publish” buttons, or create content material container styles that use your accent colorings when you need to make a unique announcement. In case, you use a picture-based header, your accent color may be featured there, too.

Brian Gardner involves the rescue once more for all Genesis Framework users with this post: Spruce Up Your Genesis-Powered internet site with content boxes and shade Buttons.

In case, you’d instead not replica/paste code, attempt the Standout color boxes and Buttons plugin.

Having trouble identifying what coloration to choose from your accent? Take hold of the replay of my massive brand system color sanatorium and discover how to select colors that paintings for your site.

4. Layout your text so it’s easy to skim

As soon as your theme, fonts, pictures, and accent coloration have made your website vacationer prevent and pay interest, they’re going to dive in your phrases.

Here’s the way to keep them engaged once they do:

Destroy your paragraphs up into digestible chunks. Don’t flip your website online traffic off due to the fact you’ve offered your information in a single unbroken wall of text. The go back key’s your pal! Start a brand new paragraph any time a thought takes a flip otherwise you want to feature emphasis.
Sprinkle subheads liberally. Earlier than your reader digs into your first paragraph, they’ll regularly glance down your web page to look what it’s about. Your subheads provide them clues approximately what’s beforehand and help pique their interest in what they’re approximate to learn. Use subheads during your pages and posts to assist lure your reader to devour your phrases.

Use bulleted lists. In case, you locate yourself writing a sentence that makes use of the comma, after the coma, after coma … the alarm bells ought to start ringing in your head. It’s a bulleted listing, waiting to be born! Bulleted lists break up your information and make it easy to study. Use them to add personality and skim-potential on your writing.
Now, over to you

I need to pay attention from top rate subject proprietors: what have you ever performed to the stunning shape you mounted to feature extra character on your site? What techniques do you use to make it memorable?

Share your pointers in the comments, and allow others examine from your revel in …

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