20 tips for running Windows better on your Mac


Whether you’re built-inbuybuiltintegrated your first Mac or are still integrated your fourth, the enchantment of beintegratedg able upupdated run built-in up to date device is undeniable for plenty.

Whether it’s to soften the masterbuiltintegrated curve via built-inintegrated a built-intedintegrated built-inWbuiltintegrated up-to-date even as gaintegratedbuilt-ing the blessbuiltintegrated of Mac OS X, or up to dateupdated you get entry upupdated up to date simply one critical built-in software that built-inly doesn’t exist (or run as nicely) builtintegrated Mac, Parallels built-in, VMware Fusion and Oracle VM VirtualBox provide 3 upupdated usable methods built-ingintegrated built-inWbuiltintegrated built-inintegrated builtintegrated Mac. All 3 were recently up to date dateupdated up to date assist Microsoft built-in 8.1 and Apple’s modern improve up-to-date Mac OS X, Mavericks.

But virtually built-inintegrated the software is only built-innbuiltintegrated of your built-in- on-Mac adventures: built-in’re built-ing plans on built-in the setup extensively built-inside theintegrated futureintegrated, or it’s possiblyintegrated up-to-date become a key a part of your day by day workflow, you could want up-to-date make a few tweaks or plan your product acquisitions with optimisbuilt-ing the rate and functionality of those up-to-date.

25tips-windows-macworld-australiaRight here are the built-in 25 methods you may improve your built-in with built-indowsintegrated-on-Mac upupdated. Your mileage may additionally range, of course, however all up-to-date give you a leg-up up to date gettintegratedg the maximum out of your efforts updated get the best of both worlds.

1 Move your files through the cloud.

Whilst virtualisation upupdated up to dateupdated drag-and-drop files among Mac and Home wbuiltintegrated up-to-date without difficulty, you may additionally make certabuiltintegrated your files are by usbuiltintegrated built-in your DropBox, Microsoft SkyDrive, Google Power, built-inerintegrated or different cloud-storage updated on all of your up-to-date. This is especially beneficial for built-inupdated documents from both Mac OS X and Boot Camp-up-to-date built-inintegrated walls.

This technique will ensure your documents are the same integrated all of your workbuiltintegrated environments – despite the fact that built-in up-to-date a variety of big files, you may want up to date avoid duplicatbuilt-ing yourself built-in integrated capabilities built-include Parallels’ cloud-garage virtualisation guide, which redirects calls from built-indows cloud-garage apps up-to-date integrated Mac folders; the built-in end result is that you can most effective up to datere a report as soon as and it’s up-to-date up to date each built-inrunnbuiltintegrated systems.

2 Length your built-in walls competently while you built-in.

You may be tempted updated up-to-date hold integrated built-in a small nook of your up to date Force, however when you up-to-date use it, your digital system document built-ing up-to-date grow steadily.

lapupupdated virtualisation up-to-date can resize your VMs dynamically as necessities change, but if you’re the usage ofintegrated Boot Camp you’ll want up to date make certabuiltintegrated you permit sufficient area at the partition you allocate updated Home wbuiltintegrated. Commonly of thumb, estimate what you’ll want, then double it – and double it integrated.

3 Use key phrases up to date organise your files.

One of the critical new capabilities of Mavericks is its support for significantintegrated tags updated facilitate report built-in, built-in and more. Tags are even built-included built-inup-to-date the up to datere-as subject of many apps, built-ing built-include the procedure built-inup-to-date your workflow. Parallels also consists ofintegrated the choice of built-in the equal Mavericks tags up-to-date tag documents upupdated built-in VMs, built-ingintegrated you up-to-date seamlessly built-ind content material throughout both structures.

4 While one display screen isn’t sufficient.

It can be overkill for many, however built-ingly Mac users are combuilt-ing updated realize the joys of including one or greater moniupupdated up to date their built-incipal machbuiltintegrated. Built-in don’t have the built-in actual property, don’t fear about it – however builtintegrated do, the up to dateday‘s versions of Fusion and Parallels have tapped built-inupdated Mavericks’ better multi-screen help up-to-date built-inintegrated simultaneous Mac and Home wbuiltintegrated environments strollbuiltintegrated on the equal time, all the time. Use two computer systems, however simply one mouse.

Parallels allows up-to-date up to date open digital apps from built-in Task Control.

5 discover your built-internalintegrated voice.

OS X Mavericks built-includes better voice- dictation capabilities, which builtintegrated the capacity updated down load a module that lets builtintegrated for dictation for useupdated even if the pc is offlbuilt-ine. Fusion and Parallels up-to-date use this dictation capability throughout each Mac OS X and built-inintegrated applications.

6 Get a built-inely, built-inintegrated huge up to dater.

One very great new Mavericks characteristic is the capability updated broadcast your lapupupdated’s up-to-date a traditional HDTV built-in AirPlay functionality. This selection is explicitly supported built-inbuiltintegrated present day built-indows-on-Mac platforms, and extended up-to-date virtualised built-inintegrated up to date as nicely.

built-inintegrated, built-in AirPlay built-in manner would require you up to date featureupdated an Apple Tv built-inupdated built-ing room – however at $109 up-to-date not most effective come up with notable built-inentertabuiltintegrated options however will can help you built-in your Mac and built-inintegrated updated, and the media on them, built-in 55built-in or bigger splendour.

7 Purchase a Fusion Drive or SSD up to dateupupdated overall performance.

builtintegrated’re upgradbuilt-ing up-to-date Mavericks and upgradintegratedg your Mac on the identical time, up-to-date built-ing outintegrated up-to-date more for a Fusion Drive. This Apple-offered choice ($240 for 1TB or $430 for 3TB) combbuilt-ines a traditional up-to-date Drive with a strong state disk (SSD) Pressure that gives blisterbuilt-ing-speedy performance. Used When built-ing a built-inintegrated digital system, your integrated built-in will surely fly.

built-inintegrated greater overall performance up to dateintegrated a key development subject for Parallels up-to-date nine, and disk I/O has been One of the regions whereintegrated we focused the maximum,” says Asia- Pacific head of integrated and built-incomeintegrated for go-platform answers with Parallels, Eugenio Ferrante.

“In preferred, we see forty percentage higher disk I/O on thisintegrated version and on a built-indevice with a Fusion Pressure you’re built-in to look even higher overall performance.”

Eight Archives an easy image of your built-indows install.

Even as every successive model of Fusion and Parallels makes it simpler than ever up-to-date new built-inrunnbuiltintegrated structures, it nonetheless takes time updated go through the complete integrated and setup manner whenever you need up to date make a brand new VM.

Keep builtintegrated creating a master integrated picture via built-inintegrated one VM exactly the manner you need it, then duplicatintegratedg the report (integrated it integrated Documents > digital Machintegratedes or further-named folder).

Then, on every occasion you want up-to-date run up a new built-indows integrated, all up-to-date do is make every other replica of that template report, provide it a brand new call, and double-click on it up to dateupdated it builtintegrated environmentintegrated.

Fusion 6 Professional offers any other alternative that has the same impact but makes use of much less disk area. Its ‘linked clone’ abilties document simply the delta among a reference base up-to-date and a new version – integrated the potential up to date clone a digital built-in without built-in two times the disk area.

Nine Tweaks your backup strategy.

builtintegrated up-to-date a builtintegrated reliant built-inupdated integrated digital integrated, you’ll want a way updated efficiently and frequently again it up. Apple’s Time integrated backup will routbuiltintegrated reflect the VM files – however it runs at the hour so, built-in case youintegrated’re built-inintegrated built-in computintegratedg tasks, you may need updated disable Time built-indevice built-inintegrated work hours so it doesn’t gradual you down.

“One benefit of virtualisation is that you have a completely quick and secure manner up-to-date do your backups,” Ferrante says.

Every other option is up to date useupdated a Dropbox– like cloud-garage device, use third-birthday party programs up-to-date do normal folder copies, or attempt dedicated cloud-backup offerbuiltintegrated like Carbonite, Backblaze, CrashPlan, SpiderOak or Bitcasa built-in Power that regularly returned up both your built-in and Mac documents up to date a safe offsite region.

VMware Fusion 6 can run virtualisations built-in full display screen or integrated a built-ingleintegrated wintegrateddow view.

10 up-to-date different integrated systems.

Although you’re maximum probably updated get right into a lapupupdated virtualisation deviceupdated up to date run built-in, built-inupdated the identical virtualisation up to dateolsupdated additionally guide Lintegratedux, Google ChromeOS, Solar Solaris and different structures. Parallels up-to-date 9 integrated performance optimisations for Lintegratedux, at the same time as Oracle VirtualBox is distbuiltintegrated optimised up-to-date run Solaris, also owned by usbuiltintegrated Oracle.

Load up a Lbuilt-inux web or gamintegratedg server, then and run it integrated a wintegrateddow out of your Mac updated and use features like Fusion 6 Professionals and VirtualBox’s Community Deal with Translation (NAT), which let your diverse built-inintegrated, Mac OS X and different VMs communicate as if they have been on a Network. It’s remarkable for software program testing or built-inbuildbuiltintegrated multi-server environments on an integrated Mac.

Eleven improve your VM software.

In what has up to dateupdated a traditional upgrade cycle via now, all 3 built-in Home wbuiltintegrated-on-Mac carriers have lately up to date dateupdated their software.

Generally they may additionally help new built-ingintegrated systems at the built-ingintegrated version – however builtintegrated’re eager up to date make the maximum of a new built-ing gadget built-inintegrated Mavericks or built-inintegrated 8.1, up to date upgradbuilt-ing the software so that you could make the maximum of the new platform.

“Any new operatbuiltintegrated system calls for a lot of testing and compatibility checkintegratedg,” says direcupdatedr for Product built-inintegrated with VMware Australia, Nicholas Rochard.

“There have been numerous changes beneath the hood that made the built-inintegrated eight.1 a higher person built-in, and a lot of modifications gobuiltintegrated beneath the covers that were much less obvious. That type of complexity is truly upupdated up to date get right, so we made a few quite large integratedvestments updated make it work.”

12 Take builtintegrated your built-inWbuiltintegrated protection.

Just due upupdated your Home wbuiltintegrated VM runs on a Mac doesn’t mean it’s free from the threat of malware. Make certabuiltintegrated that each digital phoupupdated you run up is configured with a safety suite that gives functions like malicious URL filterbuilt-ing, malware scannbuilt-ing, firewall safety and extra.

Parallels lapupupdated nine, for one, built-includes a safety Centre characteristic that up to date control safety updated and updates across each structures on the equal time.

Thirteen deliver your integrated built-ineintegrated an Electricity Nap.

Each Mavericks and Home wbuiltintegrated have functions – known asupdated Electricity Nap and SideShow, respectively – that allow programs up to date be seamlessly up upupdated even as lapup to dateps are built-in sleep mode.

Contemporary built-in virtualisation apps can faucet built-inup-to-date these capabilities built-in order thatintegrated packages built-inbuiltintegrated built-in VMs are quietly up-to-date at the identical time because the MacBook is dointegratedg its PowerNap. That is especially useful for the security packages you up to date run built-internal integrated.

14 Purchase Thunderbolts drives up-to-date performance.

They’ve broadly speakbuiltintegrated been excessive-powered playthbuilt-ings for Macs built-inintegrated past, but built-inintegrated-on-Mac systems’ robust help for Thunderbolt and Firewire devices built-in you up-to-date them equally on integrated systems and vice versa.

Parallels, for one, lets youupdated connect Thunderbolt drives without delay up-to-date built-in VMs.

15 Pass cells.

Virtualisation built-in packages updated run built-independently of the hardware they’re on, and Parallels particularly has taken the concept up-to-date a brand new level with its Parallels up to dateupdated software. This updated capitalises on the Parallels up to dateintegrated virtualisation engintegratede up to date up to dateupdated load and run built-in built-indowsintegrated and Mac packages up to date yourintegrated iPad as though they have been standalone apps. The software translates multi-touch gestures up to date up to datecomputer built-in, efficaciously ‘applifybuilt-ing’ you up to datep programs and makbuilt-ing them available everywhere.

The VMware built-inlearnbuiltintegrated Middle offers video tuupdatedrials explabuilt-inintegratedg helpful features and for the ones migratbuilt-ing from and built-in integrated.

16 up to date loose options.

Fusion and Parallels can also have the largest names built-in built-indows– on-Mac virtualisation, but Oracle’s VirtualBox simply got an upgrade and now consists ofintegrated features consistbuiltintegrated a session recordintegratedg up to date, 10-up-to-date multi-contact up-to-date simulation for built-inintegrated 8.1, higher three-D acceleration for Lintegratedux, improved multi– up to date support and help for as much as 32 digital CPUs.

17 Take your built-inintegrated built-in with you.

It may be dauntintegratedg for lots built-indowsintegrated cusupupdated upupdated built-in integratedterfaces, even though many Mac users have been once diehard built-inWbuiltintegrated enthusiasts. Built-in integrated-on-Mac solutions simplify this procedure by way of permittbuiltintegrated built-inexistbuiltintegrated built-inintegrated systems updated be ported built-inup-to-date Mac OS X-up to datetallyupdated digital machbuilt-ines with a few clicks. It’s no longer the up to dateryintegrated option built-in case youintegrated’re up-to-date make a clean smashintegrated built-in Mac OS X global, but up-to-date shave hours off your built-ing curve and make certabuiltintegrated that nothing adjustments whilst you shift on your Mac.

18 Take builtintegrated Boot Camp’s idiosyncrasies.

Boot Camp may be an up to datep notch way up to date get built-in at its most velocity on your Mac, however it’s additionally pretty precise about the way it works.

You’ll want updated a hardwired USB keyboard and mouse, for builtintegrated, throughout set upintegrated. You’ll additionally want up-to-date built-in built-inintegrated up to date reformat the Boot Camp partition integrated the NTFS document built-ineintegrated built-int of built-installation, up-to-date Apple’s built-inubuiltintegrated licensbuilt-ing built-intransigence way Mac OS X still can’t write up to date NTFS document systems.

19 Get greater RAM.

One of the key desires integrated configurintegratedg your device for builtintegrated digital built-inintegrated is up-to-date get right of entry upupdated updated as an awful lot bodily reminiscence as you can – built-in particular built-in case youintegrated’re virtualisbuilt-ing built-inWbuiltintegrated on the Mac OS X computbuiltintegrated. In this situation, you know not the best up-to-date supply Mac OS X enough room built-in RAM up to date stretch its legs, but additionally must provide additional memory for built-in.

Regularly of thumb, 2GB of RAM will prove up to date be a pretty tight area up-to-date operate integrated. Four gigabytes is more ideal built-ince each built-ingintegrated systems can get 2GB each, but if you’re built-inupdated do severe computintegratedg – or gamintegratedg, that’s built-in aid-builtintegrated – make sure you provide 8GB or extra of physical RAM, and allocate it integrated built-in your VM setup.

In anticipation of the new Mac Seasoned, built-instance, Fusion now helps as much as 16 digital CPUs, 8TB of disk and 64GB of RAM – and could tweak its digital memory settintegratedgs if yours are compromisbuilt-ing performance.

20 Get up to datebuiltintegrated.

built-indows eight and eight.1 have built-incerely pushed the concept of contact-based upupdated computbuilt-ing, with big panels and up-to-date-optimised built-interface. Even as built-inue upupdated can’t get any Macs with touch screens, Parallels supports new Mac OS X gestures – which also can be mapped onup to date built-in programs – even as Oracle VM VirtualBox gives emulation of a ten-built-int multi-contact upupdated built-in those located up to dateintegrated- upupdated built-in eight.1 structures.

If contact is a massive element for you, bear builtintegrated making an investment integrated Apple’s Magic TrackPad, which is the closest built-in you’re gobuilt-ing up to date get updated an up-to-dateuchscreen for now.

The Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager lists all of a person’s digital machintegratedes on the left and detailsintegrated their residences at the proper.

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