11 Gender Wage Gap Statistics That Will Scare The Crap Out Of You


When April 10 rolls around, you aren’t likely to pay attention all people greet the women of their lives with a “glad Equal Pay Day.” You see, Equal Pay Day isn’t always a vacation, however rather a symbolic day marking how a long way into the brand new year ladies should work in an effort to earn what men earned the preceding year — all way to the gender salary gap. According to the World Economic Forum, ladies around the world earn on common $12,000 a yr, as compared to $21,000 for guys. This statistic is simply the top of the iceberg in relation to discussing the complexities of the problem, though. While these scary gender salary hole records can also look like the stuff of nightmares, they may be fact, no longer fiction.

The World Economic Forum reviews that girls in each u. S. Face a salary gap of some type. Exactly how wide the gender pay gap is may fluctuate by using yr or through a region, but it is very, very real. U.S. Census facts from 2015 suggest that girls working 12 months-spherical and complete-time had been, on common, paid eighty cents for each dollar a person acquired, in keeping with an analysis through the American Association of University Women (AAUW).

The gender salary gap is an issue notably greater complicated than this one statistic shows, however. The subsequent time you want to high school someone in just how difficult the career hustle is for women, use those 11 scary facts to illustrate your point.

1The Gap Is So Pervasive That It Plagues Even The World’s Most Gender-Neutral Country
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The gender pay gap across the globe. Data from @wef Global Gender Gap report. #womensday #womensday2017 #BeBoldForChangeImage result for 11 Gender Wage Gap Statistics That Will Scare The Crap Out Of You

2:01 PM – Mar 8, 2017
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The gender salary hole is not a problem precise to America. Women in countries around the world revel in a gap in pay, in step with the World Economic Forum’s evaluation of one hundred forty-four international locations. In fact, the gap persists even in Iceland, the united states of America ranked as the arena’s maximum gender neutral. According to the Guardian, ladies there had been recently observed to earn 14 to twenty percent much less than their male counterparts, spurring the united states to pass new rules geared toward last that hole.


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2The Globe Isn’t Making Steady Progress Toward Closing The Wage Gap
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UN Development

The international gender wage hole is 23% and could take a hundred years to close on the modern-day price of the trade. We want to fee women’s work and reduce their disproportionate burden of unpaid care and home paintings – @ASteiner’s announcement: http://on.Undp.Org/Vala30iLCMG #Timeisnow #IWD2018

eight:31 PM – Mar eight, 2018
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While the gender wage gap may be smaller now than it turned into a few 50 years ago, the numbers show we are no longer seeing regular progress. According to the Economic Policy Institute, progress in closing the wage gap stalled inside the mid-Nineties, and there is no purpose to trust it’s going to go away on its very own.

A slowdown in development caused the World Economic Forum to reconsider their estimate for ultimate the global gender hole past due ultimate year. The World Economic Forum now estimates it will take 217 years, up from 170, to give up gender-based disparities in pay and employment possibilities if the sector continues at its modern charge of progress (the United Nations, however, estimates it will take one hundred years at the modern-day price of change). No rely upon the way you take a look at it, an infant born tomorrow has no shot at seeing an end to the global salary gap.

3The Gap Is WAY Worse For Women Of Color In The U.S.
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Rep. Pramila Jayapal

The #gender #wagegap remains continual and so does the even worse #racial #salary hole. An awesome set of charts from @mother or father.

Nine:48 PM – Dec 31, 2017
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The gender pay hole is all too frequently discussed as though it’s simply one number. But the fact is that girls of color revel in a wage gap this is substantially large than the gap stated for girls at huge.

While women are on average pronounced as receiving eighty cents for each dollar men that receive, numbers from an April 2017 National Partnership For Women & Families document display black women are paid 63 cents for each dollar paid to non-Hispanic white men, on common. And Latinas obtain fifty-four cents for each dollar a non-Hispanic white male earns, the report determined. That means black girls might not observe their unique Equal Pay Day until Aug. 7, according to AAUW. For Native girls, Equal Pay Day may not come until Sept. 27, and Latina women will wait until Nov. 1.

4Many Men (And Some Women!) Don’t Believe The Wage Gap Exists

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A survey of American professionals launched in January discovered that simplest 61 percent of guys consider the gender wage hole is real. That identical survey, which changed into performed through the web investing platform Ellevest, additionally found a now not insignificant percentage of women surveyed didn’t believe that men make more than girls appearing equal paintings: 83 percent of ladies surveyed said they believe in a gender salary hole.

5Women Lose Out On HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS Of Dollars Over The Course Of Their Careers
Women stand to miss out on a few serious money thanks to the gender salary hole. According to The Center for American Progress, judging by way of the contemporary wage hole, a female misses out on $430,480 over the path of a forty-12 months career. An African-American woman would lose $877,480, whilst a Latina girl would lose $1,007,080 over the equal time frame.

6Research Shows Sexual Harassment Could Be A Factor

Farrah Khan

five Jan
Stories preserve to drift in approximately administrative center #sexualharassment inside the new 12 months. At the equal time, we are seeing an increase in the minimum wage in Ontario. These two things are linked. #15forFairness https://www.Thestar.Com/information/gta/2018/01/04/soulpepper-co-founders-renounce-in-guide-of-actresses-who-allege-sexual-harassment-by using-Albert-schultz.Html …Image result for 11 Gender Wage Gap Statistics That Will Scare The Crap Out Of You

Farrah Khan

When you are incomes less, in precarious work and fearful of dropping your activity – you believe you studied it’s easy to report sexual harassment? No. Raising the minimum wage is a part of the solution to ending sexual harassment as is addressing the gender salary hole. #MeToo

four:28 AM – Jan 5, 2018
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In a look at first published in May 2017, researchers located “sexual harassment will increase monetary pressure, in large part via precipitating activity alternate, and might notably regulate women’s profession attainment.” Specifically, the examiner discovered that women who reported having been sexually pressured at paintings have been 6.5 instances much more likely to trade jobs in comparison to girls who had no longer been confused.

Often, the ones women did not alternate to a process with a better salary or more growth ability. Rather, researchers observed ladies had been knocked “off-course during the formative early years in their career” as they either took decrease-paying jobs or moved into less profitable industries in an try to extract themselves from a job in which that they had been sexually careworn.

7Women Who Earn Degrees Aren’t Earning More On The Job
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Greene Garcia
The wage hole between men and women in keeping with the stage of training. How will we experience approximately this? We need to close this gap!! #SUsocialwork

7:07 AM – Mar 31, 2017
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Both the White House Council of Economic Advisers and the AAUW have concluded that, while women are earning levels at a barely higher fee than men, they continue to earn much less on the job. In truth, the AAUW suggested in 2016 that “in some instances, the gender pay gap is bigger at higher levels of training.”

Data accrued from federal monetary resource recipients seems to guide these findings. According to the Center for American Progress, men running 6 years once they enrolled in college earned about $4,000 more per year than operating ladies 10 years after enrolling. Furthermore, a 2015 report from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) located that girls with graduate tiers were experiencing the widest gender pay gap and incomes just sixty-nine percentage of what their male colleagues made.

8Women Still Lose Out When It Comes To Unpaid Care Work
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ActionAid Kenya
Gender inequality in unpaid care paintings affects gender pay gaps and has enormous implications for girls’ capacity to actively take part in the labor marketplace and the type/best of employment opportunities available to them. #OurRightsForJustice

2:33 PM – Mar 29, 2018
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A 2015 McKinsey Global Institute file envisioned that girls’ unpaid care paintings globally changed into well worth $10 trillion. What’s more, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) estimates that ladies carry out two to ten times greater unpaid care paintings than guys. That paintings frequently continues ladies from having the ability to participate in the workforce complete time, thereby proscribing their employment possibilities and their earnings.

9Women Are Woefully Underrepresented Among Top Earners At Big Companies
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Harriet Taylor

five.2% of agencies in the S&P 500 have a lady CEO, and on average they spend almost half of as a whole lot time as their male counterparts in those jobs @LesliePicker reports @SquawkCNBC #closingthegap

6:20 PM – Mar 8, 2018, · Englewood Cliffs, NJ
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According to a 2018 record from the nonprofit group Catalyst, women make up just 5.2 percentage of CEOs at S&P 500 organizations — it really is simply 26 lady CEOs. The equal report additionally located that women made up simply 11 percentage of pinnacle earners and 26.5 percent of government- or senior-degree officers and managers at S&P 500 companies.

10Unlike A Fine Wine, The Gender Gap Gets Worse With Age
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A female’s retirement fund — no longer the wage hole — ought to grow with age. Retweet if you agree.

1:17 AM – Apr nine, 2014
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According to research from AAUW, the gender pay hole widens as a female a while. Data amassed in 2016 confirmed that women a long time 20-24 earned 96 percent of what their male colleagues took domestic. However, girls ages 25-54 made 78 to 89 percent of what their male friends earned, while women a long time 55-sixty four took home 74 percent of what men had been paid.

11There Are Economic Consequences Of The Gender Pay Gap
The gender salary hole would not just harm ladies: It hurts families and the economy too. 2014 examine discovered that nearly half of-of U.S. Mothers were the primary earnings-earners for their household. The much less money a girl brings domestic, the much less cash she has to feed, clothe, and residence her family, and the less cash she will funnel back into the economic system. And do not be fooled — girls are indeed setting cash again into the financial system: the girls’ client advocacy company WomenCertified pronounced that ladies spend $four trillion annually, making up eighty-three percentage of all patron spending in the United States.

While Equal Pay Day presents the proper possibility to call interest to the gender wage gap, it is also a time for motion. Start by urging your neighborhood lawmakers to do so to close the gender wage hole for your kingdom. Then, take your needs to federal lawmakers and urge Congress to bypass an update to the Equal Pay Act of 1963. The AAUW permit you to find your legislators and prepare a few speaker points approximately rules aimed toward ultimate the gender wage hole within the United States.

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