10 tips for Stickies Mac OS X Tips


Stickies is a simple observe taking utility that has been included on each Mac given that 1994. The contemporary model seems almost equal to the model that was launched in 1994, but it has won a big quantity of the latest functionality during the last few years.

In case, you aren’t familiar with Stickies, you will discover it within the Programs folder. As soon as opened, it’s going to display a number of in another way coloured “notes”. You could write in every of those, and any which you leave open whilst quitting will nonetheless be their subsequent time you open up Stickies.

Right here are 10 tips for getting the most out of Stickies.

1. Make Stickies float chiefly windows
With the observe you need to waft selected, press Command-Option-F. This can reason the Sticky word to seem mainly different windows irrespective of which utility you’re in. This is excellent If you are switching between a couple of windows and alertness while writing or regarding an unmarried sticky note. In case, you cannot recall this keyboard shortcut, you’ll find the command within the be aware menu.

Screenshot-1172. Make Stickies translucent
If your appearance inside the be aware menu, you will additionally see an Option for a translucent window, with the keyboard shortcut Command-Choice-T. This is going nicely with the floating window Option, as it stops the floating sticky note getting inside the way an excessive amount of.

Translucent Sticky

3. Upload scroll bars to Stickies

This one would possibly simply be for the professionals, as it is a piece complicated and calls for you to have the Developer Equipment mounted (find them in your Mac OS X Deploy Disc).

One issue that could annoy you be the incapability to quickly scroll thru lengthy notes, as you need to use the arrow keys to transport via the textual content line via line. The way to repair This is to alter the Stickies software by means of using Interface builder to add scroll bars to the side of lengthy Sticky notes Frett Board.

First make certain Stickies is not strolling, and make a backup of it via retaining the option key and dragging it to every other folder (just in case anything is going wrong). Next, right-click on (Manipulate-click on) at the Stickies icon and pick “Display Package deal Contents” from the menu that looks. Within the contents navigate to Sources/English.Lproj and double click on StickiesDocument. Nib to open it on Interface Builder.

In case, you are the usage of Interface Builder for the primary time, welcome to the notable world of how Packages are made. A window called StickiesDocument. Nib should be open. In this window there are some icons with diverse names consisting of “Report’s Owner” and “First Responder”. Double-click on the icon called “Window” which should open up a commonly empty, white window referred to as “Stickies”. Additionally, open the Inspector by means of pressing Command-Shift-I or by means of choosing it from the Gear menu.

Window Attributes–>Scroll View Attributes

The name of the Inspector window ought to be “Stickies Window Attributes”. Clicking As soon as at the Stickies window will change the title of the Inspector window to “Scroll View Attributes”. Amongst the alternatives inside the inspector, you need to check the checkbox that says “Display Vertical Scroller” and the checkbox that announces “Robotically Cover Scrollers”.


That’s it, you’re carried out. Store the Record (Command-S) and give up Interface builder. Subsequent time you open Stickies, lengthy Stickies notes need to have scroll bars.

Scroll Bar Stickies

There are plenty more things You could do to regulate Stickies the usage of Interface Builder, however they may be past the scope of this tip. If you need to do greater, take a look at out this antique article on Modifying Stickies. Observe that it uses an antique model of Interface Builder, so a variety of the screen photographs and descriptions are exceptional to the contemporary version.

Four. Vicinity other media in Stickies
Now not many people recognize that the contents of Stickies isn’t always limited to textual content. You can put almost whatever in them. Dragging a Quicktime film onto a Sticky observe will embed the movie in the word, complete with the same old play/pause controls. You may do the equal for photographs and PDFs too. On occasion Stickies will ask If you need to create an alias as opposed to a duplicate of the File in the Sticky. An alias will prevent your Stickies database getting too big (mainly with films) and could mean that the contents of the Sticky will Routinely be up to date if the embedded File is up to date.

5. Back up your Stickies library
In case you use Stickies lots, otherwise you preserve any vital information for your Sticky notes, it’s miles worth preserving a backup of the Stickies database in case something goes wrong. All your Stickies are saved in one Record that, as cited above, is reasonably small except you’ve got embedded plenty of movies on your notes. The Document is called StickiesDatabase, and is positioned In the Library folder on your user folder. Really create a duplicate of this Report some other place to make a backup.

6. Alternate default new note settings
To set the default font, textual content length, observe length, observe coloration and translucency, create a new notice and personalize it to what you need. Then pick out” Use as Default” from the word menu. You can change even greater settings by modifying the Stickies options plist. Visit your user folder and navigate to Library/possibilities and find com. Apple. Stickies.Plist. The maximum thrilling issue Here is the WindowFlags object. Placing it to unique values gives the following default notes:

zero – standard Sticky observe
1 – minimized observe (just identify bar)
2 – floating be aware
3 – floating minimized note
four – translucent notice
five – translucent minimized note
6 – floating translucent be aware
7 – floating translucent minimized word

7. Search
the use of Command-F You may look for phrases in a single observe or all notes. You may additionally carry out a find and Replace.

8. Dashboard Stickies
In case you regularly use the Dashboard, then the widget version of Stickies might be greater useful for you than the utility version. Observe that You could create as many one-of-a-kind sticky notes as you need, Sincerely through dragging any other one up from the bottom bar. You could additionally trade the fonts and colours by using clicking the button, but you’re greater constrained than inside the software model.

Nine. Discover a Sticky notice’s advent and change dates
That is a simple one – simply preserve your mouse nevertheless over any part of a sticky be aware to look a tooltip containing the introduction and amendment dates and times of the observe.


10. Create a Sticky be aware from choice
Due to the Services menu in Mac OS X, you’ve got get admission to the Stickies something software you are in. Truly pick any block of text everywhere and hit Command-Shift-Y to create a Sticky word with that choice.

To be sincere, This is quite likely the maximum powerful characteristic of Stickies. Never mind the capacity to embed films and feature translucent windows. Being capable of create a quick notice of any textual content with one keyboard shortcut is the perfect and most beneficial factor of Stickies there is.

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